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The role of GNSS in the Road sector has evolved over time, an ever-increasing focus on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Smart Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles. Originally used as a provider of simple in-car navigation services and fleet management, GNSS is becoming a key supporter of innovative road concepts and connected digital mobility services, helping to shape the vehicles of the future.

The GNSS consumer market in the road sector has exploded over the last 5 years, with more than 60% annual growth and a drive towards lower-cost devices. Approximately 90% of all road vehicles are expected Currently, In-Vehicle Systems (IVS) still represent the majority of GNSS-based automotive devices. This market is expected to continue growing, with a predicted doubling of the market (in terms of devices) by 2025.

Intelligent Transport Systems make up the second most important market segment, accounting for nearly half of all revenue. The EU published its European Strategy on C-ITS (Connected Intelligent Transport Systems), including the role of EGNSS, in December 2016. C-ITS promises to be a key market of the future, helping to improve efficiency and safety on European roads.

GNSS applications are already powering eCall(the automatic European automotive 112 system) and GNSS-based toll collection on over 43,000km of European roads. eCall uses GNSS positioning for an automatic, in-vehicle emergency call system that allows emergency services to remotely locate the user after an accident. Other new applications such as accident reconstruction or anti-theft systems may also emerge.

Galileo and EGNOS will also support improved fleet management, tracking and logistics, digital tachographs and the growing autonomous vehicles market. Smart Mobility and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) are also key developments impacted by GNSS, which could alter the nature of personal transport. Due to the improved accuracy and trustworthiness of Galileo signals, EGNSS will help to enable these rapidly developing changes in the modern road market.


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