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Timing & Synchronisation

GNSS Timing & Synchronisation (T&S) is crucial to a variety of systems, including many critical infrastructures. For instance, modern assets such as 4G/5G mobile phone networks, banking systems and (smart) electricity grids demand high-accuracy time and frequency stability. Precise network synchronisation is essential for nearly all digital networks, and more stringent  stability requirements are expected to emerge as the user base for demanding applications continues to grow.

GNSS can be used to provide both Timing & Synchronisation:

  • Timing: GNSS provides direct and accurate access to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Synchronisation: Synchronisation between receivers at different locations can be established and maintained using GNSS reference time. In addition, a master clock synchronises itself using the time provided by GNSS, redistributing this time to slave clocks disseminated within the systems.