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South Korea’s eLoran network poised to improve satellite-based navigation systems

26 / 06 / 2018
South Korea’s eLoran network poised to improve satellite-based navigation systems
Navigation within South Korean cities set to improve

With South Korea’s new eLoran network due to come online in 2020, the shortcomings of solely satellite-based navigation systems are expected to be reduced. A key shortcoming relates to the inability of receivers to initialise quickly and to know which direction they are facing. Navigation or ride sharing apps face this issue on a regular basis and are poised to benefit from the introduction of eLoran into South Korean navigation systems.

Two Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) companies, iPosi and UrsaNav, demonstrated that mixing a single eLoran with GPS or GNSS signals could enable any PNT receiver to not only feature “standstill” azimuth (which provides information on the direction of the receiver), but also improved resistance to almost all spoofing and jamming.

“There is sufficient space in the eLoran signal structure to do all kinds of interesting things and at low cost which make resulting GNSS/eLoran receivers, timing and navigation systems immeasurably superior to anything available today.” – Rich Lee, CEO of iPosi

South Korea has also announced that eLoran signals will be incorporated into drones to improve the safety and security of operations.

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